SBI Alerted customers about fake messages which are claiming to give you free gifts in Diwali

SBI Customer Alert: The country’s largest public sector bank has issued a customer alert. If you have an SBI account, you should be aware of this. Be on the lookout if you’ve also received a free gift message. During the festive season, online Diwali frauds are on the rise. These hyperlinks can help you get rid of a lifetime’s worth of money.

On its official Twitter account, SBI posted a warning message. Do not click on such links if they appear in your inbox or message. If you click on this phishing link, your account will be emptied completely. Before you click, keep in mind that your account might not be completely empty.

According to the SBI, many cases have surfaced in which people have been duped by luring them with free gifts. If you’ve received a message from the National Bank of India offering a free gift, you’re not alone. As a result, that message should be dismissed. Otherwise, you may become a victim of this fraud.