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Car offers: Avail up to Rs 50,000 on buying a car, special offer from YONO SBI

Yono SBI Offers: If you are planning to buy a new car and you have lost your chance of getting offers in the festive season, then there is no need to worry. Even after the festive season sale, you can avail good discounts on the purchase of a new car.

State Bank of India’s YONO (SBI) is offering good offers on new car purchases. Through these offers, you can take advantage of up to 50 thousand rupees. This benefit can be availed not only on the purchase of the car but also on the bike.

By buying a car through YONO SBI, you will not only benefit in money but will also get the benefits given by the companies.

Some auto companies are giving priority to YONO SBI customers in car delivery. This means that if you buy a car through YONO SBI then you will not have to wait long for the delivery of the car. You will get the delivery of the car immediately.

Know what is the offer (SBI Yono Offers)
If you buy Mahindra’s XUV or Renault’s car from SBI Yono app, then you will get the accessories available with the car absolutely free. On buying a Renault car, you will get accessories worth up to Rs.5,000. Accessories worth up to Rs 3,000 will be available on the purchase of Mahindra XUV. Toyota is also offering accessories worth up to Rs 5,000 on buying a new car.

Apart from accessories, some companies are also offering cash discounts. If you buy a Datsun GO car, you can get a cash discount of up to Rs.4,000. Cash discount of up to Rs 5,000 is being given on Tata Motors cars.

To also get great discounts (Discount Offers on Two Wheelers) at Wheeler
than car if you are giving a two-wheeler are buying the plans some companies even bikes and discounts on scooter Yono App. You can avail a discount of Rs 1500 on the Hero scooter. If you buy Hero Electric’s e-bike, then you will get a discount of Rs.2000.

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