Any prepaid and postpaid plan should have the opportunity to port, TRAI

Customers should always be given the opportunity to change the service provider by keeping the number the same. Recently, TRAI has given such instructions. Recently, Vodafone Idea has intensified the controversy over new tariffs. Jio complained about that. After that, Tri issued this instruction. If a customer, whether prepaid or postpaid, wants to take the services of another company instead of his own service provider, he should be given that opportunity.

What exactly did Geo complain about? Troy had complained that Vodafone’s new prepaid plans have no chance of sending SMS. But if you want to port, you have to send an SMS first. The SMS is effective four to five days later. That’s why Vodafone objected to the new tariffs. They said that due to the closure of SMS service, customers are not able to port their mobile numbers to their company.

In the wake of Geo’s allegations, TRAI reminded them that in 2009 it was clarified in its directive that customers should be given the opportunity to request for porting any mobile number, either prepaid or postpaid. Note that mobile number portability started from September 25, 2001.

Last month, Vodafone increased their prepaid tariff by 25 percent. The 28-day entry level plan was increased from Tk 75 to Tk 99. There was no opportunity to send any SMS in this plan. By the way, in the case of Vodafone, it has been seen that there is an opportunity to send SMS on plans of Rs 169 or more but there is no opportunity to send SMS on low cost plans. And from there the controversy intensified. Meanwhile, in November, not only Vodafone, but also Airtel and Geo network services increased costs.