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Indian Oil Launched “IOC XtraGreen Diesel”, Claims 5-6% More Mileage, Will Reduce Pollution

IOC XtraGreen Diesel: Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has launched a fuel efficient cleaner and greener ‘XtraGreen’ diesel. The company claims that this diesel is more fuel efficient and environment friendly than the regular diesel. This means that by using this diesel, your vehicle will now give more mileage and at the same time, the damage to the environment will also be less.

Available in 126 fuel stations in 63 cities

ExtraGreen Diesel will be available at 126 fuel stations in 63 cities of the country. Along with XtraGreen Diesel, IOCL has also launched its ‘One4U’ fuel gift card, a retail fuel digital gifting solution. The company says that they have introduced it to meet the growing needs of the consumer. According to the R&D department of IndianOil, the new XtraGreen diesel has a modified DMFA (Diesel Multi-Functional Additive) which has several advantages over the regular diesel.

Mileage will increase by 5 to 6 percent

You can increase the mileage of your vehicle by 5 to 6 percent by using ExtraGreen Diesel. Along with this, it also reduces the emission of carbon dioxide (130 grams of CO2 per one liter of diesel). In addition, ExtraGreen Diesel reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 5.29 percent and NOx emissions by 4.99 percent.

The company also claims that the new XtraGreen diesel has increased the number of Cetane by 5 points. Its advantage will be that it will have better lubricity and the engine noise will also be less. Along with this, corrosion will also be less (NACE rating A). During the launch of this green fuel, Indian Oil Chairman SM. Vaidya said, “The Honorable Prime Minister wants to improve the environment in India. This extra green diesel is exactly in line with the vision of the Prime Minister. This will lead to a steady reduction in carbon emissions.”

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