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Jobs In India: Job opportunities are increasing in New India, make career in these fields

With the passage of time and needs, the way of working of the people is also changing. New employment opportunities are increasing every day (Trending Jobs In India). There are many such job options in New India, in which your future can be secured by making a career (Job Security). At this time, the growth of new sectors and business models is being seen in India.

Since Kovid-19 (Covid 19 In India), many companies have made a lot of changes in their business keeping in view the needs of the future. Industry Association FICCI (FICCI Report) has prepared a list of future jobs on the basis of sector in India (Trending Job List). Along with this, it has also been told that from the year 2022, the demand for Skill Based Jobs in India will increase in the market. This will be of great help to the candidates looking for new jobs.

Style will change with changing times According to the
FICCI report, in the year 2022, there will be a change in the way of working of 46 percent people. Under this, 9 percent of the people will get such jobs, which do not exist yet (Trending Jobs In India). At the same time, 37 percent people will do such work, who have developed their skills and have adopted new skills according to the changing demand (Skill Based Jobs). On the other hand, there will be no change in the way of employment of 54 percent of the people.

There will be a lot of these jobs,
from the year 2022, changes in the job profile will be seen in these sectors. Know, what kind of jobs are going to trend in the market (Trending Jobs In India).

1- IT-BPM  Sector- VFX Artist, Computer Vision Engineer, Wireless Network Expert, Data Scientist, Data Architect, AI Research Scientist, RPA Developer, 3D Modeling Engineer, Cloud Architect etc (IT Jobs).
2- Automotive  Sector- Automobile Analytics Engineer, 3D Printing Technician, Machine Learning Based Vehicle Cyber ​​Security Expert etc.
3- Textile Sector- Apparel Data Scientist, IT Process Engineer, E-Textile Specialist, Environment Specialist etc.
4- Banking Insurance Sector-  Cyber ​​Security Expert, Credit Analyst, Robot Programmer, Blockchain Architect etc.
5- Retail Sector-  Customer Experience Leader, Digital Imaging Leader, Digital Marketing Analyst, Retail Data Analyst etc.

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