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TSRTC Another facility .. Payments by cards on buses!

Telangana RTC is preparing to make another new facility available for the convenience of the passengers . The company is already promoting digital payments in ticket reservations and other financial activities. The sector is gearing up to put a check on the retail problem. Passengers will now be able to make payments (swiping) by card (debit / credit) while booking a ticket on the bus. The facility is initially planned to be made available on buses running from Hyderabad and Secunderabad to the districts.

Steps are being taken to enhance technology in RTC after Sajjanar took over as MD. As part of this, NGBS, JBS and QR code payments have already been made available at bus pass centers across the Greater Zone. In this context, the authorities say that if the system of issuing tickets with card payments on buses going from the city to the districts is made available, the retailers will be relieved and the ticket revenue will be taken directly into the RTC Bank account.

More than 4,000 buses ply regularly to the districts from NGBS and JBS. As part of the first tranche, the authorities are planning to make card payments available on 900 buses and make the system available on all buses based on their results. Officials are of the view that this approach will lead the RTC towards full digital payments in the future. Revenue is also said to be on the rise after the payment facility with QR code was made available at bus pass centers in Greater Hyderabad.

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