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From TV Shows to web series, now entertainment is one of the most demanded things by internet users. And when it comes to watching films, movies from streaming apps, users don’t get interrupted by data limit.

In India, Jio Cinema and MX Player, these are the only 2 free apps which provide all most all Hollywood dubbed movies in local languages. And they have a huge audience on their platform. But watching movies takes much more data than a web series episode. So, users have the doubt Which App Uses More Data Jio Cinema or MX Player?

We have seen that MX Player has a better data saver and quality downgrade/upgrade option than Jio Cinema. So, MX Player should consume less data but the fact is fully opposite.

MX Player shows multiple in video ads which takes much data than Jio Cinema. Now, if you compare Jio Cinema and MX Players, than Jio Cinema uses less data than MX Player.

You can also watch your favorite movies, shows in HD in both apps.

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