Entertainment is also going to be expensive on Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime Subscription Hike

Amazon Prime Subscription Price Hiked: Entertainment on the legendary OTT platform Amazon Prime is also going to be expensive. Confirming this on its FAQ page, the company said that from December 13 next month, Amazon Prime subscription will cost more money. Currently, users have to pay Rs 999 for annual membership, but from December 13, users will have to pay Rs 1499 for Amazon’s annual membership, ie users are going to get a direct shock of Rs 500.

For monthly subscription, you will have to pay 50 rupees more

According to the support page of the giant e-commerce company, from December 13 next month, Amazon will have to pay Rs 179 for monthly subscription. At present, this subscription of 30 days is available only for Rs 129, that is, after increasing the price next month, users will get a shock of Rs 50 every month. Amazon Price also offers quarterly subscription plan, for which Rs 329 has to be paid now, but after the increase next month, Rs 459 will have to be paid for quarterly subscription i.e. this plan will be costlier by Rs 130.

Will continue till current plan validity

The company has already announced that people whose validity of the plan will remain, they will not have to pay extra money. According to the support page, after December 13, when the free trial or current membership period ends, Amazon will automatically issue a new membership period at a new charge. Since its launch in the last five years, it has given shopping, saving and entertainment benefits to the users i.e. Prime membership not only provides savings and fast service in shopping but also gets access to OTT.